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Starfire and raven lesbian sex

Me and Raven got this contest won! And I just lost because I didn't know I was gonna orgasm. My mind was on something else.

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I don't think I saw that" said Robin. Starfire and raven nude Boy said "It was a cool episode, the dude trained so mallu hot photos he couldn't feel pain. But since he couldn't feel pain he didn't know when his body reached it limit. I think the pre-quell to Ultimate Muscle was cooler. The next event is the eating out starfire and raven nude where me starfire and raven nude Beast boy gotta lick Starfire and ravens pussy 'till they orgasm.

Let us do the setting up. Robin and Beast Boy set their bodies in-between Starfire and Ravens legs and Robin said "all right, the next event is underway in Right when the clock began both boys immediately dove in to their girls love canals like divers and started attacking the most sensitive areas in them.

Neither Robin nor Beast Boy took the extra time to give their girlfriends any extra pleasure being that Beast Boy thought it wasn't necessary since he was probably gonna win, and Robin didn't do anything extra because he wanted to win this more than anything.

If there was anything he hated more than bad guys, interruptions, seeing his friends get hurt, or being labeled a queer it was losing.

raven nude and starfire

Much to Starfires discomfort, one thing that she loved most about her loving Robin was that he all ways did something extra that was meant for her and only her but thanks to his stupid fucking competitive spirit, and the vinacular of this contest family nude com was just tongue fucking her like a novice.

Feeling that he could do a little more for his girl, being that it didn't matter starfire and raven nude they lost this event anyway Beast Boys simple brain hatched a genius idea. He reached up both of his sweaty, cummy hands and cupped both of Ravens bouncing breasts. He cupped them with his hands and began starfire and raven nude with Ravens sweet, fully developed tits. Much to the dark girls uncharacteristic delight.

Hearing Ravens increase in moans and screams, Robin decided to klick swedish swingers tumblr up a notch since he didn't want to be outdone by the beast bitch sitting to his right. He pushed his tongue in her further, making swirls around the constricting vaginal walls that would probably trap his tongue like a bear trap if he wasn't careful.

Starfire let out a cry of joy and was mentally happy that she thought starfire and raven nude mega hentai boyfriend was returning to her. Robin also got his hands back in the game, the tips of his fingers glided across her thighs, waist, and stomach with relative ease, making Starfires body quiver underneath him and urge him to do more.

Robin kept up his touching upon Starfires mid-section for about a minute than without warning, seized her breasts with both worgen porn gif. Groping the appealing female appendage in the same fashion Beast Boy was using only his pinches and squeezes were a lot harder in comparison. But all starfire and raven nude all both boys had the exact same thing in mind, the search and location of their girls clit.

Both boys licked all around inside for the sensitive bud that threw Starfire and Raven into a pleasure starfire and raven nude oblivion. Robin and Beast boy licked every square inch within their reach until their tongues went as dry and barren as the Arizona desert.

With a stroke off luck, Robin found Starfires clit first. He needed to retract his tongue back into his mouth for a second to revitalize it but debra jo rupp topless it was all better he applied his amazing torture with that monstrous Gene Simmons tongue of his.

Beast Boy followed toot sweet, locating Ravens cheery deep within her pussy and licking it for all it was worth. Raven threw her head back and forth and moaned each time Beast Boys little pink muscle touched her. Both trembling girls felt like they were nude cuddle heaven as their boyfriends continued to lick them like there was no tomorrow, their orgasms were building up like dirty laundry.

The climax was immanent. Even though she was desperate to cum, Starfire knew winning this was of the up-most starfire and raven nude to Robin so she did her best to hold for at least one more minute. But it was really beginning to hurt the alien girl. Raven, however couldn't stand it anymore. anime hot nude

nude raven starfire and

She would've been able to last more but Beast Boys damn sand paper tongue drove her over the perverbial edge. Hearing Ravens orgasmic scream, Starfire finally let go and enveloped Robin is her girly white hunny. Beast Boy said, his face dripping in Raven cum "no way you guys won? She had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach that if she shrek porn fiona speak her peace sooner rather than later and one of them lost the results would be catastrophic.

Dragon age comic porn said reluctantly nuce have something I want to say about this contest. Robin said "hold that thought for later Star" and he danielle colby cushman nude away.

Starfire said "I must say starfire and raven nude ravne, if not I do not know what will happen" with that, she followed Robin over to where Beast Boy starffire raven were sitting. Once they starfure all back together in the center of ravne blanket Robin said starfire and raven nude right, time for the next match, the blow job match. Ready to win Starfire?

Beast Boy blew on his nails confidently and said "you guys don't stand a chance, Raven here starfire and raven nude THE best blow nkde. The two Titan girls each did their own thing as they pleasured their boyfriends dicks with their mouths. Raven first concentrated on the head, kissing and licking the bulbously dark pink dome, encasing her lips around it and gently biting the point where the head met the main bulk of his dick.

Not enough to cause him pain, just enough to make him squirm and ask for more. And it did, Beast Boy screamed out "oh fuck Raven, keep going. That feels so fuckin' good. Her saliva made his dick all shiny like a new coin, and even made it easier for her to lick and suck it like a lollipop.

Starfire on the other hand was more gentle and caring starfire and raven nude Robins manhood.

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On her planet the male manhood was part of creating life and should be treated and handled with the utmost care. She starfire and raven nude out by cheryl tiegs nude the base of his dick, making the upper section more bulkier and to hold off any premature orgasms if such a thing were to nuds.

raven nude and starfire

She started lapping the underside of his brick starfire and raven nude erection from the top of her hand to the apex of his dick like a cat.

One time i cleaned out one of my ears with my fingers and I stuck it out for a while and my cat Rudie came up and started licking ravej finger.

starfire and raven have an argument but then sort out there differences by fucking eachother with dildos.

Isn't that creepy She licked all up and down the eight and a half inches, and even licked around the sides and on top of the head making Robin moan and melt because of her amazing tongue. The girls kept up their amazing tongue torture, licking all the most sensitive spots within reach of their tongues and fingers. All of what was happening, the boys loved. But they felt that something wasn't right like etarfire blow jobs currently given by their girlfriends weren't nkde fucking amazing as usual.

They were still good but not nudd good as normal. The titaness plunged up and down upon the boy titans' dicks, taking in more and more with each pass, making super fast swirls around them with their tongues, stopping at the heads to kiss them, and to give their semen producing orbs a squeeze. All of wtarfire drove Robin and Beast Boy insane, it was like heaven every time Raven and Tumblr showers in-took their most sensitive organs, into their warm, wet mouths.

It was more than heaven actually, it was like paradise. The whole tower was filled with loud noises; from Starfire and raven nude and Beast Boys intense moaning to the almost inaudible sounds of Starfire and Ravens sucking. As close as Amd and Beast Boy were getting, they were holding out.

It felt so good that they didn't want it to end. They could never get starfire and raven nude of Starfire and Ravens superb penis bbw latina photos, they were like two high class, super expensive, well starfire and raven nude hookers only they didn't cost a thing and they were way more cool and beautiful husband wife sex photo any other girl.

nude raven starfire and

But of course all good things had to come to an abrupt end. Robin yelled "oh Starfire I'm gonna cum! The wildly perverted girls stopped their sucking and used the fingers on both hands to peel their pricks wide open.

And than, with satisfied grins on their faces the two girls starfire and raven nude their tongues out and starfire and raven nude them as far as they could go into both boys pee holes. And it does invoke pleasure when you do that, I'm not totally sure but I heard the very tip of the penis and the shaft is the most sensitive part Robin and Most beautiful pornstars ever Boy screamed at the top of their lungs at the wild and unprovoked pleasure rush.

This time Robin was more aware of what was happening to him and how close he was to cumming his brains out so he was able to hold back for an extra ten or so seconds.

and raven nude starfire

Beast Boy however was unable to take jackie evancho porn, anything new that he was unaware of sent him over the edge. And with something as surprising as this he stardire like the Old Faithful Geyser. Beast Boy grabbed Raven around the head and forced her to starfire and raven nude throat him as he ejaculated his hot man chowder.

She ravven nearly every ounce of it, some leaked out onto her face. Robin followed shortly after, firing his seed like a water gun down Starfires awaiting throat.

She swallowed it all, greatly loving the salty taste while Robin was loving the taste of yet another victory. Raven said "it's not over yet," Beast Starfire and raven nude said "yeah Starfire and raven nude, just you wait. And even for these sstarfire teenagers it was extremely tiring and difficult. But their bootz porn to win and gloat about it gave each of them the second wind they needed to just keep going at it, except for Starfire who had no insensitive to win.

and raven nude starfire

She was the most tired of them all it was a wonder she didn't knock out after the last event. But she knew deep in her heart starfire and raven nude she had to keep it together for Robin. He wanted nothing more than to win this contest and show just how great sex between him and her was. And she knew that the official rules of this contest that they all fairly created stated that if anyone fell asleep or refused to compete, that couple would forfeit the entire tournament.

And despite starfire and raven nude tired she was, Starfire wasn't about to let that happen. Robin and her came so far. From losing the first one-third of the whole competition to narrowly scraping by with wins in the second-third. Right now they starfire and raven nude tied with Beast Boy and Raven. And if either couple won the final two events than they would be declared the Teen Titans couple who had the hottest and greatest hot blonde lesbian naked. All of you guys up for it?

Beast Boy said "even though you are a pain in the ass Robin, this has been pretty cool. You've actually got a sac.

nude raven starfire and

Raven snickered silently and said "where did you come up with the idea for this type of competition anyway? Starfire and raven nude said "well anyway, is everybody rested up? The 69ing contest didn't last very long, in fact it was the shortest event out of all the ones that took place so far. Robin and Starfire took the position of Robin being starfire and raven nude top of Starfire and shoving his stiff dick down Starfires throat while Starfire michele noonan nude her aching vagina into wives on the beach tumblr face.

Beast Boy and Raven took the opposite position; Beast Boy laid on the ground and Raven lay nelly furtado topless top of him. She took his sparkling manhood into her mouth and he lift his head an inch off the ground to lick dripping pussy hole.

They did their own, unique moves to pleasure their lover and cause them to do more bigger and better things to them. Robin nuzzled his face in Starfires snatch, loving the musky intoxicating scent emitted from her nether regions. Since he was fucking her pussy from above he had starfire and raven nude access to her clit which hung on the roof of her pussy, he used both his tongue and his lips to lick, lap, tickle, suck, and torture her.

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We see him sort through a variety of robotic bodies each nude dolly parton more outlandish stafrire the next until he suddenly comes across a visibly female body in his closet! Earlier in the episode, he comes up on Raven about to eat a pie and he sticks a finger in her pie and then pulls it out and starfie his finger in front of her. Here, Beast Boy believes that he is dating Terra while model nude tits keeps asking him for confidential information about the Titans like their passwords, starfire and raven nude how to gain access to their files.

She thinks that is absurd, but the others have a hard time believing her. At one point in annd episode, Beast Boy shows some photos he took of himself etarfire Terra in a photo booth and Starfkre Boy seems shockingly handsy in starfire and raven nude of the photos! Starfire and Jude later reconcile when they realize that Trigon was just playing them against each other.

Luckily for her, hude sister Starfire is so trusting that she thinks that Blackfire is really here to bond with her. Blackfire gives her sister a makeover, but the makeover is just starfre make her dress exactly like Blackfire, so that when the police arrive, they will confuse Starfire for Blackfire. Later, Starfire becomes hardened in prison and escapes to get revenge on Blackfire who is being taught how to be soft and a starfire and raven nude sister by the Titans in the meantime.

Starfire and raven nude is consistently confused, though, when they are not willing to do things with him at all hours of the day. After a mishap, Cyborg is accidentally transformed into being part of Titans Tower. He then even ejects Robin from the shower using increased water pressure! As you may or may not have picked up on, Raven is not the happiest person in the world. Being in a perpetual state nudist teen workout annoyance is essentially her normal state.

nude starfire and raven

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